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What to Eat in Yokohama SPAGHETTI NAPOLITAN 04:58

What to Eat in Yokohama SPAGHE...

This Japanese favorite was invented in the port city of Yokohama and has grown to be one of the most popular Japanese-style pasta dishes here in Japan...

Published 19 hours ago • Views: 4,434

by TabiEats
YAKINIKU (Japanese Barbeque) ONIGIRAZU Recipe 05:21

YAKINIKU (Japanese Barbeque) O...

Onigirazu is Japan's answer to the sandwich. Today we're going to make Yakiniku, which is Japanese-style barbeque meat and our version is easy to make...

Published 2 days ago • Views: 10,034

by TabiEats
Japanese LunchPack LIVe 45:03

Japanese LunchPack LIVe

Published 4 days ago • Views: 12,391

by TabiEats
German Try Japanese Snacks (Taste Test) 00:09

German Try Japanese Snacks (Ta...

My German friend is trying out some unique Japanese snacks for the first time, including some crazy spicy potato chips! Subscribe!

Published 5 days ago • Views: 9,121

by TabiEats
Japanese Try American Snacks (TRADER JOES, BEER & CHIPS) 09:02

Japanese Try American Snacks (...

We're taste testing some amazing snacks from Trader Joe's. Plus some other amazing treats like the Southern Biscuits and Gravy Potato Chips we've alwa...

Published 6 days ago • Views: 12,217

by TabiEats


We're trying out all the flavors of popcorn at Tokyo Disney Sea theme park in Japan! Subscribe! EatLazy ...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 12,466

by TabiEats
How to Make SUSHI DONUTS (Recipe) 05:11

How to Make SUSHI DONUTS (Reci...

The Sushi Donut hasn't arrived in Japan yet, but they are trending over in the US. We had to try and recreate them ourselves so here's our version of ...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 13,080

by TabiEats
Kaki Gori Machine in Action LIVESTREAM 56:22

Kaki Gori Machine in Action LI...

Today we're trying out our brand-new Kakigori (Shave Ice) Machine! Thanks to you guys for helping us get this. Subscribe! Support...

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 10,293

by TabiEats
Japanese Try Dutch Snacks and Treats (TASTE TEST) 09:52

Japanese Try Dutch Snacks and ...

Today we're try a variety of unique snacks and treats from The Netherlands. Thanks so much to Benne and Rosa for these treats from Holland! Subscribe!

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 9,574

by TabiEats
Starbucks Japan: Chocolate Cake Topped Frappuccino TASTE TEST 05:08

Starbucks Japan: Chocolate Cak...

We're trying out NEW drinks from Starbucks Japan! Introducing the Chocolate Cake Topped Matcha Frappuccino and the Chocolate Cake Topped Coffee ...

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 14,001

by TabiEats
No-Knead BAKED MATCHA DONUTS (Matcha Green Tea Recipes) 04:14


Yummy and so easy to make! These baked Matcha Donuts include an irresistible matcha glaze with white chocolate drizzle. So good you can't eat just one...

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 10,716

by TabiEats
7-11 Summer Food Livestream 01:02:51

7-11 Summer Food Livestream

Cold Ramen and Refreshing Soba Noodles. We even got dessert! Subscribe! We would like to have as many people enjoy our videos.

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 11,097

by TabiEats
GariGariKun Japanese Popsicle TASTE TEST 08:41

GariGariKun Japanese Popsicle ...

GariGariKun is possibly the most popular popsicles in Japan! Today we're taste testing a variety of flavors to see which one is the best! Subscribe!

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 13,175

by TabiEats
Japanese Try American Snacks & Treats (Colorado-USA) 08:54

Japanese Try American Snacks &...

Today we're taste testing some snacks and treats from Colorado, USA. Big hugs and thanks to America, Justin and Haru for your generosity! Subscribe!

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 11,619

by TabiEats
Natto Factory & Ekiben (Day Trip from Tokyo) 09:41

Natto Factory & Ekiben (Day Tr...

Natto is fermented soybeans and is especially famous in Ibaraki prefecture. Today we take a train ride to a natto factory that offers more than just y...

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 22,217

by TabiEats
Matcha Mushipan (Green Tea Steamed Cake) Japanese Recipe 03:18

Matcha Mushipan (Green Tea Ste...

This easy-to-make Japanese cake is light, fluffy and delicious! Subscribe! FULL RECIPE HERE: ...

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 14,322

by TabiEats
Epic Japanese Ice Cream Taste Test LIVESTREAM 01:06:10

Epic Japanese Ice Cream Taste ...

Today we're trying out 9 different varieties of Japanese Ice Cream! Eatlazy joins us today for a fun taste test. Eatlazy ...

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 10,801

by TabiEats
Daiso Snacks Taste Test PART 2 08:10

Daiso Snacks Taste Test PART 2

We're trying more snacks from Daiso Japan! If you've missed Part 1, here's the link! Subscribe!

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 16,444

by TabiEats
Japanese Try German Snacks (from Hamburg, Germany) 08:26

Japanese Try German Snacks (fr...

Today we're trying more German Snacks from the city of Hamburg. Thanks to Dana and Christian for sending us these treats. Subscribe!

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 13,076

by TabiEats


BIRD is famous for their Cotton Candy Ramen and very popular with the locals. But is it as good as it's all hyped up to be? Subscribe!

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 17,772

by TabiEats
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