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Japanese Trying Russian Food PART2 12:41

Japanese Trying Russian Food P...

More Russian delicacies to try out today including beer, vegetable caviar and chocolate! Thanks to Toby and Kane for sending these to us. Russian Tast...

Published 23 hours ago • Views: 4,649

by TabiEats
10 Things To Do in Okinawa, Japan (Watch Before You Go!) 06:03

10 Things To Do in Okinawa, Ja...

Here is our list of things to do on your next visit to Okinawa, Japan. Subscribe! Support us on Patreon

Published 3 days ago • Views: 7,538

by TabiEats
How to Make TACO RICE (Okinawan Recipe) 08:56

How to Make TACO RICE (Okinawa...

Taco rRice is a popular Okinawan dish that contains ground beef, lettuce and tomatoes served on a bed of rice. It has even been a staple on the local ...

Published 4 days ago • Views: 8,417

by TabiEats
Conbini Desserts w/ Laurence LIVE 01:49

Conbini Desserts w/ Laurence L...

HI guys! Today due to daylight savings time, we're pushing it one hour later over here in Japan. Should be the same time for everybody in the US and E...

Published 6 days ago • Views: 5,997

by TabiEats
Japan 04:36

Japan's Answer to Taco Bell (K...

Tokyo has their Sushi. Okinawa has their Taco Rice. Today we're here to eat the best Tex Mex Concoction on earth! Subscribe! Supp...

Published 7 days ago • Views: 17,678

by TabiEats
Trying Russian Snacks and Treats 12:19

Trying Russian Snacks and Trea...

We're trying out some food and snacks from Russia! Thanks to Toby and Kane for sending these to us! Subscribe! Support us on Patr...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 11,005

by TabiEats
A&W in JAPAN (Root Beer & Burgers Review) 07:59

A&W in JAPAN (Root Beer & Burg...

There are 30 A&W Restaurants in Okinawa, Japan. There are ZERO on the mainland. So on a recent trip to Okinawa, we had to try out this place for some ...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 16,262

by TabiEats
Goya Champuru-Bitter Melon & Tofu Stir-Fry (Okinawan Recipe) 15:28

Goya Champuru-Bitter Melon & T...

Easy to make and delicious, Goya Champuru is Okinawa's most iconic dish. Even if you've never liked bitter melon, try this out. I used to despise bitt...

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 10,067

by TabiEats
Thank You San Francisco 05:07

Thank You San Francisco

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 5,355

by TabiEats
Trying Okinawa Food & Snacks 16:07

Trying Okinawa Food & Snacks

Okinawan food is amazing! Today we're sharing with you some food and snacks we purchased on our recent trip there. Subscribe! Sup...

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 16,686

by TabiEats
Trying Australian Snacks 11:42

Trying Australian Snacks

We're trying teas, chips and candies from Australia! Thanks to Abbie and her husband for sending these treats. Watch our other Australian Food Taste T...

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 9,397

by TabiEats
Street Food Japan-OKINAWA 13:24

Street Food Japan-OKINAWA

Okinawa's food is different from what you get in mainland Japan. From Rice Bombs to Bitter Melon Juice, we try out a variety of street food. Subscribe...

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 32,246

by TabiEats
Pork & Egg Onigiri (Okinawan-Style Rice Sandwiches) 07:53

Pork & Egg Onigiri (Okinawan-S...

This particular Onigiri is called Pork Musubi and is a very popular Okinawan food. Onigiri is a Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangu...

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 14,603

by TabiEats
Live from Los Angeles 00:27

Live from Los Angeles

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 8,312

by TabiEats
Japanese Convenience Store Taste Test (Okinawa Japan) 15:39

Japanese Convenience Store Tas...

Taco Rice and Spam Onigiri? Yep! We're trying some unique items only found in Okinawa's Family Mart and Lawson convenience stores. 7-11? No luck as we...

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 30,002

by TabiEats
Trying Mexican Snacks and Candy 17:32

Trying Mexican Snacks and Cand...

We're eating Mexican bugs, snacks and candy! Thanks to David and Maria for sending these treats to us! Subscribe! Support us on P...

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 12,144

by TabiEats
Japanese Street Foods of MAKISHI Market Okinawa Japan 08:59

Japanese Street Foods of MAKIS...

Today we're in Okinawa Japan to taste some street food and the some of the freshest seafood you can get! The Makishi Public Market is a must-see place...

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 32,273

by TabiEats
Japanese Meat & Potatoes IMONI (YAMAGATA STYLE) 09:39

Japanese Meat & Potatoes IMONI...

How to make Imoni, a regional meat and potatoes dish from Yamagata, Japan. Subscribe! Support us on Patreon ...

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 14,388

by TabiEats
Snack Sandwiches Taste Test LIVESTREAM 45:42

Snack Sandwiches Taste Test LI...

Burdock, chestnut, potato salad and more!

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 14,392

by TabiEats
The BEST BEEF BOWL in JAPAN-Yoshinoya, Matsuya or Sukiya? 09:12


Yoshinoya, Matsuya and Sukiya. Who has the best Beef Bowl in Japan? Subscribe! Support us on Patreon ...

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 34,810

by TabiEats
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