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Lunchtime 7-11 Japan LIVE with Shinichi 34:59

Lunchtime 7-11 Japan LIVE with...

It's just you and me today. It's lunchtime here so I quickly ran to 7-11 to buy some lunch. This is what I got today. Join me for a casual chat!

Published 1 day ago • Views: 9,469

by TabiEats
Trying Natto for the First Time (Fermented Soybeans) 10:19

Trying Natto for the First Tim...

Natto is fermented soybeans and is a staple of breakfast for many Japanese. Although it's super healthy and considered a super food, it takes some get...

Published 2 days ago • Views: 11,996

by TabiEats
Japanese Trying VEGAN RAMEN in LA (Taste Test) 08:49

Japanese Trying VEGAN RAMEN in...

Our first taste of VEGAN RAMEN is at Ramenhood in Los Angeles, California. Located inside Grand Central Market, we'll also have some ice cream at the ...

Published 4 days ago • Views: 12,482

by TabiEats
Japanese Trying Snacks from SINGAPORE 10:34

Japanese Trying Snacks from SI...

We tried some of the most unique snacks we've ever tried! Subscribe! THANK YOU STEF for sending us these treats. Support us on Pa...

Published 6 days ago • Views: 13,364

by TabiEats
LIVESTREAM Trying Premium Pocky & Giveaway Winners 40:43

LIVESTREAM Trying Premium Pock...

Today we'll be choosing the 3 winners for our giveaway! Plus we have some new Japanese snacks to taste test.

Published 1 week ago • Views: 5,108

by TabiEats

Tasting Japanese INSTANT YAKIS...

Today we'll find out which Yakisoba Noodle is the best in Japan. Subscribe! PEYONG YAKISOBA: UFO: http://a...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 29,851

by TabiEats
The Best Burgers on Earth?   (UMAMI BURGER) 06:48

The Best Burgers on Earth? (...

Are these the best burgers in the world? We don't know about that, but we can say that these were some of the most complex burgers we've tried. These ...

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 14,674

by TabiEats
Healthy JAPANESE RICE PORRIDGE (Nanakusa Gayu Recipe) 08:45


Using 7 herbs, this rice porridge is healthy and easy to make. Originally, the herbs used are extremely difficult find outside Japan. So today we're r...

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 9,593

by TabiEats
We tried the OSECHI from Japan 19:03

We tried the OSECHI from Japan...

Happy New Year! This year, we decided to splurge on Osechi (Japanese New Year's Dishes) and buy it from our local 7-11 store. Is it any good? Was it w...

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 49,679

by TabiEats
New Year’s End Soba LIVESTREAM 53:20

New Year’s End Soba LIVESTRE...

Join us today for some delicious "year end" soba!

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 10,328

by TabiEats
Trying the Newest Pocky Flavors in Japan 14:38

Trying the Newest Pocky Flavor...

We found more unique flavors to try. Grape, peach and mango POCKY are just a few! Subscribe! Support us on Patreon

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 14,842

by TabiEats
Amazing Australian Snacks Taste Test 08:30

Amazing Australian Snacks Tast...

Thanks to Kris for sending us these treats from your beautiful country of Australia. We loved that you included the Indonesian noodles that are so pop...

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 9,733

by TabiEats
Japanese Trying Mexican Food for the First Time 08:16

Japanese Trying Mexican Food f...

El Pueblo de Los Angeles is one of the oldest places in the city, and we're here to try some authentic Mexican food and treats. Subscribe! http://goo....

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 244,596

by TabiEats


Bored of the same old? Here are 5 ways to use up those blocks of mochi. Kirimochi are pre-made mochi cut into blocks and sold in Japanese supermarkets...

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 28,971

by TabiEats
Japanese KFC Christmas-LIVESTREAM 53:10

Japanese KFC Christmas-LIVESTR...

Celebrate the holiday season with us! Today's highlights include KFC, Cake and Sebastian!

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 14,414

by TabiEats
McDonald 11:58

McDonald's Only-in-Japan Break...

Today we're trying out some only-in-Japan breakfast items from Japan's McDonald's! Subscribe! Support us on Patreon https://www.p...

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 47,504

by TabiEats
Trying JAPANESE CHOCOLATE and Snacks (WINTER 2017) 15:21


Special Limited Edition Pocky for Winter? Of course! And we're trying so much more on today's video. Enjoy! Subscribe! Support us...

Published 1 month ago • Views: 12,412

by TabiEats
America’s Little Tokyo-is it Worth Visiting? 10:13

America’s Little Tokyo-is it...

Is Little Tokyo worth visiting during your trip to Los Angeles? We'll help you decide by walking around and eating some amazing food in one of LA's co...

Published 1 month ago • Views: 25,292

by TabiEats
Festive Inari Sushi (RECIPE) 12:14

Festive Inari Sushi (RECIPE)

Perfect for holidays, parties or any day, these are definitely not your ordinary Inari Sushi. Deep-fried tofu pouches are simmered in a sweet soy sauc...

Published 1 month ago • Views: 11,255

by TabiEats
Back From NY & Xmas Conbini Items 56:24

Back From NY & Xmas Conbini It...

We're back and we miss you guys! Today we'll share with you our experience in New York with some Christmas items from our neighborhood conbini.

Published 1 month ago • Views: 8,258

by TabiEats
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