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Blacksmith rose giveaway & shop update 04:23

Blacksmith rose giveaway & sho...

So much news! 1. Preparing for a big giveaway featuring over $2000 worth of product from DeWalt, Empire Abrasives, General Finishes, Micro Jig, and Sc...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 6,219

by ZH Fabrications
Torched alder console table // How-To 06:37

Torched alder console table //...

So this was another commission for the same folks who I built the "Bar Height Slab Table" for. This was a lot of fun! I experimented a bit with some n...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 13,120

by ZH Fabrications
Channel Pass #28 02:43

Channel Pass #28

I was recently given the opportunity to shine the spot light on some of the smaller channels in the community. This is the goal of the Channel Pass: H...

Published 2 weeks ago • Views: 6,489

by ZH Fabrications
A jewelry holder for my wife // DIY 04:37

A jewelry holder for my wife /...

So, my wife has been asking for some sort of jewelry holder for quite some time, I finally got around to making one for her. The dowels hold her brace...

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 11,518

by ZH Fabrications
Bar Height Slab Table // How-To 11:01

Bar Height Slab Table // How-T...

This is hands down one of my favorite builds to date! I enjoyed the entire process, from the renderings(pics on my instagram) to the final assembly. T...

Published 1 month ago • Views: 29,155

by ZH Fabrications
Power & USB Conference table // How-To 12:55

Power & USB Conference table /...

My friends down at Rock Solid Fitness in Dunedin Florida, were after a meeting/conference table which contained power & USB connections for laptops, t...

Published 2 months ago • Views: 64,174

by ZH Fabrications
Floating live edge shelf // How-To 03:19

Floating live edge shelf // Ho...

So this floating live edge shelf was a quick 1-day build. Pretty straight forward, had to get a bit creative clamping/holding the shelf perfectly vert...

Published 2 months ago • Views: 8,923

by ZH Fabrications
Wine Barrel Chandeliers for Escape brewing // How-To 06:38

Wine Barrel Chandeliers for Es...

This is my second commissioned project for Escape Brewing. The first project build video is posted as "Industrial wall sconces for Escape Brewery" Thi...

Published 3 months ago • Views: 23,284

by ZH Fabrications
Industrial wall sconces for Escape Brewing // How-To 08:52

Industrial wall sconces for Es...

Alright, about time I got this video posted! I built these sconces for Escape Brewing in Trinity Florida about a month ago,, but I wanted to hold off ...

Published 3 months ago • Views: 217,651

by ZH Fabrications
Understanding solvents & thinners // Informational 16:40

Understanding solvents & thinn...

I decided to make a video to help demystify some of the confusion surrounding many of the chemicals used in woodworking, metal fabrication and general...

Published 3 months ago • Views: 4,383

by ZH Fabrications
Nicholson workbench part 2 // How-To 11:04

Nicholson workbench part 2 // ...

So as both a right of passage as well as a necessity, I've built a workbench. I've settled on a slightly modified version of Chris Shwarz's "English W...

Published 4 months ago • Views: 94,589

by ZH Fabrications
Nicholson workbench part 1 // How-To 06:34

Nicholson workbench part 1 // ...

So as both a right of passage as well as a necessity, I've started my workbench build. I've settled on a slightly modified version of Chris Shwarz's "...

Published 5 months ago • Views: 46,950

by ZH Fabrications
1k subscribers & shop talk! // Vlog 05:35

1k subscribers & shop talk! //...

I apologize in advance for my on-camera awkwardness-- I'm hoping to get better with time. Alright, so I figured I ought to put out a little something ...

Published 5 months ago • Views: 1,289

by ZH Fabrications
Modular Crosscut Sled with box joint jig // How-To 04:53

Modular Crosscut Sled with box...

I've had a few people ask me about my crosscut sled--and after realigning my table saw top for the shop fox fence, my old one was about 2 degrees off,...

Published 5 months ago • Views: 9,697

by ZH Fabrications
Industrial Table // How-To 09:06

Industrial Table // How-To

This is my first commissioned piece for a decor/furniture store located in Dunedin Florida. The client wanted a wood & steel industrial influenced tab...

Published 6 months ago • Views: 51,794

by ZH Fabrications
Small chest of drawers // How-To 08:33

Small chest of drawers // How-...

This thing has taken me forever to edit/post! I've been experimenting with some different video/editing styles--I'd love to hear your input. I used 3/...

Published 6 months ago • Views: 16,732

by ZH Fabrications
Router Mortise Jig // How-To 07:10

Router Mortise Jig // How-To

Here's a mortising jig I built based on an old book titled "Router Magic" I found at a garage sale a while back. So, I'm still trying to mess around w...

Published 7 months ago • Views: 5,089

by ZH Fabrications
Handy wooden knobs 03:15

Handy wooden knobs

These little knobs have proven themselves quite useful, I feel like I can't build a jig without them--fortunately they are quite simple to make.

Published 7 months ago • Views: 3,415

by ZH Fabrications
Simple router edge guide 05:53

Simple router edge guide

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for a mortise jig build that incorporates this edge guide. If you have any questions or comments please do so below!

Published 7 months ago • Views: 4,561

by ZH Fabrications
Radius Guide 03:47

Radius Guide

Pretty useful & simple build --Dowel stop radius guide. Thanks for the inspiration Jack!

Published 7 months ago • Views: 2,669

by ZH Fabrications
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