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Neutron Star Merger Gravitational Waves and Gamma Rays 05:26

Neutron Star Merger Gravitatio...

The merging of two neutron stars was detected by gravitational waves and then by telescopes in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is a hi...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 700,686

by Veritasium
Schlieren Imaging in Color! 08:59

Schlieren Imaging in Color!

How Schlieren imaging works in color, black and white and slow-mo. Get a free audiobook with a 30 day free trial at ...

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 722,292

by Veritasium
ECLIPSE 2017 05:21


The total solar eclipse from Madras, Oregon on August 21, 2017. As the moon passed in front of the sun turning day to night and revealing the sun's co...

Published 2 months ago • Views: 1,892,889

by Veritasium
How We 09:49

How We're Redefining the kg

In 2018 the kg will be defined by Planck's constant, not a hunk of metal. Try a free book from Audible for 30 days Special than...

Published 3 months ago • Views: 1,144,575

by Veritasium
Hydrodynamic Levitation! 06:09

Hydrodynamic Levitation!

On a stream of water you can levitate light balls of all sizes and even disks and cylinders. The mechanism is not the Bernoulli effect... Want to make...

Published 4 months ago • Views: 1,054,490

by Veritasium
Seeing the Invisible: Schlieren Imaging in SLOW MOTION 06:32

Seeing the Invisible: Schliere...

This is what the world would look like if you could see invisible air currents, temperature gradients, and differences in pressure or composition of t...

Published 4 months ago • Views: 1,060,918

by Veritasium
Sandwich Bag Fire Starter 05:36

Sandwich Bag Fire Starter

Grant Thompson - the King of Random - teaches me how to start a fire with a Sandwich bag. And we tried to melt glass in my backyard:

Published 5 months ago • Views: 1,317,175

by Veritasium
NEW Gravitational Wave Discovery! 05:02

NEW Gravitational Wave Discove...

Scientists have JUST published this new observation. On January 4th, 2017 they detected the merger of two black holes 3 billion light-years away. This...

Published 5 months ago • Views: 1,148,750

by Veritasium
World 05:45

World's Heaviest Weight

How do you measure big forces accurately? By calibrating your force transducer on the world's biggest weight - 1000000 pounds of force. This machine e...

Published 5 months ago • Views: 5,083,770

by Veritasium
The Next Mission to Mars: Mars 2020 08:58

The Next Mission to Mars: Mars...

In 2020, NASA will send a new rover to the Martian surface with one of its objectives to search for evidence of ancient life on the planet. I made thi...

Published 5 months ago • Views: 695,319

by Veritasium
The American Kilogram 08:52

The American Kilogram

The US signed the metre convention and bases all customary units on SI standards. As an aside, the Utah constitution from 1895 required the metric sys...

Published 5 months ago • Views: 1,420,088

by Veritasium
Fire in ZERO-G!! 07:48

Fire in ZERO-G!!

In a zero-g plane I experimented with flames and slinkies with surprising results. Check out e-penser's video: Check out Physic...

Published 6 months ago • Views: 2,914,284

by Veritasium
The Sun Sneeze Gene 06:17

The Sun Sneeze Gene

I have the photic sneeze reflex so I sneeze when I look at bright light. Check out 23andMe: *So technically the single nucleoti...

Published 6 months ago • Views: 899,179

by Veritasium
4 Revolutionary Riddles Resolved! 08:51

4 Revolutionary Riddles Resolv...

The solution to 4 rotation-related riddles, including the mystery cylinder, bike pedal pulling puzzle, track problem, and train part going backwards. ...

Published 6 months ago • Views: 1,234,196

by Veritasium
4 Revolutionary Riddles 04:24

4 Revolutionary Riddles

Can you solve these four rotation-related riddles? Support Veritasium on Patreon: Test yourself playlist:

Published 6 months ago • Views: 1,275,970

by Veritasium
The Bayesian Trap 10:37

The Bayesian Trap

Bayes' theorem explained with examples and implications for life. Check out Audible: Support Veritasium on Patreon: ...

Published 7 months ago • Views: 1,169,567

by Veritasium
Does Water Swirl the Other Way in the Southern Hemisphere? 05:59

Does Water Swirl the Other Way...

The definitive answer about the direction water swirls in two hemispheres Sync the videos yourself: For the record Destin and I...

Published 7 months ago • Views: 698,120

by Veritasium
The Science of Thinking 12:10

The Science of Thinking

How the brain works, how we learn, and why we sometimes make stupid mistakes. Submit ideas: Apply to work with me: ...

Published 8 months ago • Views: 1,120,419

by Veritasium
Water on the Moon? 06:04

Water on the Moon?

NEW CHANNEL! For a long time we thought the Moon was completely dry, but it turns out there are actually three sources of...

Published 8 months ago • Views: 789,844

by Veritasium
Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter 06:19

Electromagnetic Levitation Qua...

Spinning magnets near copper sheets create levitation! Try Audible free for 30 days: Special thanks to Hyperloop One for showi...

Published 9 months ago • Views: 1,031,397

by Veritasium
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