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MOST Beautiful Politicians 10:47

MOST Beautiful Politicians

Hold is right there! Before we start this list, we want to clarify- looks and gender should have nothing to do with the competence or legitimacy of an...

Published 15 hours ago • Views: 9,015

by Talltanic
WEIRDEST Buildings in Europe 11:15

WEIRDEST Buildings in Europe

People love to visit Europe for its rich history, prominent in their classic buildings. But what about the weird ones? The structures that are misshap...

Published 1 day ago • Views: 4,997

by Talltanic
NEW Mysterious Creature Findings 10:44

NEW Mysterious Creature Findin...

In our day and age, it seems we understand just about everything there is to know about animals. But shockingly enough, there are about ten thousand s...

Published 2 days ago • Views: 147,308

by Talltanic
STRANGEST News From Florida 10:07

STRANGEST News From Florida

Ever heard of that internet game, fake or Florida, where you read a headline and guess if it's a fake story or Florida news? Well here are 18 stories ...

Published 2 days ago • Views: 28,719

by Talltanic
AMAZING Artifacts Unearthed By ACCIDENT 10:44

AMAZING Artifacts Unearthed By...

Not all incredible discoveries are made by trained scientists or adventurers like Indiana Jones. In fact, a lot of the most important archaeological d...

Published 3 days ago • Views: 168,308

by Talltanic
Most Extreme Weather Around the World 10:07

Most Extreme Weather Around th...

Summer is here and you're either celebrating in a pool somewhere or huddled against an air conditioner. To celebrate the summer solstice, we're puttin...

Published 3 days ago • Views: 25,336

by Talltanic
UNBELIEVABLE Environmental Incidents 11:45

UNBELIEVABLE Environmental Inc...

From polluted waters that turn red to mysterious gases and toxic spills, here are some of the most notable environmental incidents that have ever happ...

Published 4 days ago • Views: 18,523

by Talltanic
Interesting Facts About The Bahamas 11:27

Interesting Facts About The Ba...

You already know that the Bahamas is the prime location for tropical vacations. But how many of the following did you not know already? Subscribe to T...

Published 4 days ago • Views: 10,786

by Talltanic
Awesome Home Cures For Boredom 10:03

Awesome Home Cures For Boredom

We all know the feeling of being bored at home, maybe a little too well. Maybe you're off work, or a friend bailed on your plans. Maybe gloomy weather...

Published 5 days ago • Views: 11,609

by Talltanic
AMAZING Recent  Scientific Discoveries 10:07

AMAZING Recent Scientific Dis...

Nowadays, it is so easy to get caught up with what's going wrong in the world that we forget to focus on what's going right. We should all pay more at...

Published 5 days ago • Views: 100,770

by Talltanic
MOST Insane Stunts Ever Performed 11:12

MOST Insane Stunts Ever Perfor...

People are capable of incredible things. Sometimes even seemingly impossible things. Here are some of the most jaw-dropping, death-defying stunts ever...

Published 6 days ago • Views: 17,291

by Talltanic
MOST Massive Animals Ever Discovered on Earth 10:08

MOST Massive Animals Ever Disc...

The most comforting thing about all of these gentle giants is that for the most part, they're pretty gentle. Many are herbivores and completely harmle...

Published 6 days ago • Views: 82,517

by Talltanic
Supercars Worth Over 1 Million Dollars 10:13

Supercars Worth Over 1 Million...

Supercars are the best of the best. The best technology, the most powerful engines (or batteries), and top-notch craftsmanship. But that kind of quali...

Published 7 days ago • Views: 57,777

by Talltanic
WEIRDEST News About Animals 10:07

WEIRDEST News About Animals

Nature fans and science freaks have an endless amount of strange news to get their fix from since it seems mother nature has more than enough new fact...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 12,491

by Talltanic
Most Incredible Archaeological Finds 10:38

Most Incredible Archaeological...

Scientists and archaeologists are making new, incredible discoveries all the time about the history of Earth's civilizations. Here are some of the mos...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 636,151

by Talltanic
Unearthed Ancient Cities 10:15

Unearthed Ancient Cities

Modern civilizations have been built right over the top of ancient ones. Today, archaeologists are rediscovering many “lost cities” all around the...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 37,816

by Talltanic
Most Insane Waterslides! 10:07

Most Insane Waterslides!

Summer is upon us and with the climbing temperatures, people are looking for an escape in the form of cool waters and good times at the waterpark. But...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 390,498

by Talltanic
Whimsical Delicacies of British Food 10:35

Whimsical Delicacies of Britis...

Today, we're hopping across the pond and into the culinary culture of the United Kingdom. Get your tea cup ready, because you'll need something to was...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 26,158

by Talltanic
World 10:07

World's MOST Daring Houses

Where do you live? Maybe in a nice, quaint little house with a white picket fence, or maybe in a high rise apartment in a big city. Either way, we can...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 806,705

by Talltanic
19 Most Famous Shipwrecks 10:36

19 Most Famous Shipwrecks

After a life at sea, where do ships and submarines go when they retire? Why, they haunt still shores or stayed beached on dry land as they slowly rust...

Published 1 week ago • Views: 123,630

by Talltanic
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