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LISA Pathfinder First Results Media Briefing 01:02:21

LISA Pathfinder First Results ...

Recording of Live coverage from a media briefing on the first results from ESA's LISA Pathfinder mission, held at ESA's European Space Astronomy Centr...

Published 10 months ago • Views: 61

by Jathavan Sriram
The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn - Jeremy Howard 19:50

The wonderful and terrifying i...

This is not directly related to education - but how important education is to keep up with the developments in computers. A talk worth watching about ...

Published 2 years ago • Views: 539

by Jathavan Sriram
Color Management in Nuke: OCIO and ACES 06:25

Color Management in Nuke: OCIO...

Found on: Cédric Lejeune from workflowers ( briefly explains in this video how to setup ACES wit...

Published 3 years ago • Views: 2,903

by Jathavan Sriram
ACES - Academy Color Encoding Specification 57:23

ACES - Academy Color Encoding ...

Video from the Digital Cinema Society

Published 3 years ago • Views: 4,347

by Jathavan Sriram
Previz | Pixar 11:55

Previz | Pixar's Presto demons...

A very rare glimpse at Pixar's Presto animation software at Nvidia GTC conference 2014. In this demonstration Presto uses the power of Nvidia's GPU's ...

Published 3 years ago • Views: 29,462

by Jathavan Sriram
President Obama on Counterterrorism and US foreign policy 01:01:45

President Obama on Counterterr...

President Obama spoke about a range of U.S. counterterrorism issues including controversial drone strikes, the Guantanamo Bay prison and detention of ...

Published 4 years ago • Views: 463

by Jathavan Sriram
The Use of Drones - Will Saletan and Paul Gosar 59:24

The Use of Drones - Will Salet...

Found on: At a forum on how unmanned aerial drones are being used in the U.S. for non-military purposes Wil...

Published 4 years ago • Views: 174

by Jathavan Sriram
TED Talks Education 55:32

TED Talks Education

Found on: Hear inspiring leaders on the topic of learning in this TED project hosted by John Legend. Hear inspi...

Published 4 years ago • Views: 459,066

by Jathavan Sriram
Personal Use of Drones - Konstantin Kakaes 29:54

Personal Use of Drones - Konst...

Found on: The New America Foundation hosts a discussion on how unmanned aerial drones are being used in .....

Published 4 years ago • Views: 135

by Jathavan Sriram
Military Drones - Rosa Brooks 44:30

Military Drones - Rosa Brooks

Found on: Georgetown University Law Professor Rosa Brooks suggested that new rules might be necessary for ...

Published 4 years ago • Views: 1,355

by Jathavan Sriram


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