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"Peaceful" Protesters Light Trump Supporters Hair On Fire 01:24

"Peaceful" Protesters Light Tr...

Inauguration Day in Washington DC moments after Donald Trump sworn into office. Everything had been "Peaceful" until Protesters decided to light a Tru...

Published 10 hours ago • Views: 249

by News Heist
SJW 01:11

SJW's Taking America Back One ...

"I didn't Come From Atlanta For Nothin" Watch these SJW Anti-Trump Thugs steal a wheel from a car, just because the car apparently had a Trump sticker...

Published 15 hours ago • Views: 261

by News Heist
Masochist SJW Gets Shot In Nuts By Riot Police 00:45

Masochist SJW Gets Shot In Nut...

Love Trumps Hate Still Doesn't Make Sense... See more news, videos, and stories on: See our tweets at

Published 18 hours ago • Views: 451

by News Heist
Liberal Anti-Trump Protestors Destroy DC 02:13

Liberal Anti-Trump Protestors ...

Look at these Anti-Trump protestors destroying public property and completely contradicting themselves. Is this the future of America? THINK FOR YOURS...

Published 21 hours ago • Views: 1,400

by News Heist
ANTI-TRUMP VIOLENCE: Trump Supporter Discusses Being Assaulted 02:40


James Allsup is the Director of Students for Trump at WSU, as well as the President of WSU College Student Republicans. He was assaulted and beaten by...

Published 2 days ago • Views: 294

by News Heist
Biker From San Diego Discusses Protecting Trump Supporters (Part 2) 14:56

Biker From San Diego Discusses...

Part 2 of the previous video with Trump Supporters outside the MAGA3X Deploraball! JOIN THE MOVEMENT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: ...

Published 2 days ago • Views: 308

by News Heist
Anti-Trump Protestors ASSAULT Trump Supporters  (Part 1) 21:13

Anti-Trump Protestors ASSAULT ...

On the 19th of January the Official Maga 3X deploraball took place. Our crew decided to shoot for as long as possible and be as patient as possible. E...

Published 2 days ago • Views: 404

by News Heist
Interview With Mike Cernovich At The Deploraball 00:35

Interview With Mike Cernovich ...

Mike Cernovich is an author, writer, and lawyer, who is popular on twitter as an advocate of free speech and an avid supporter of Trump. Follow his Tw...

Published 2 days ago • Views: 98

by News Heist
Lauren Southern: I Had An Egg Thrown At Me [By Protestors] 00:41

Lauren Southern: I Had An Egg ...

Lauren Southern probably has more balls than a lot of male reporters. She is one of the top and most rebellious conservative reporters out there right...

Published 3 days ago • Views: 427

by News Heist
Violent Rioters Set Limousine On Fire At Trump 04:22

Violent Rioters Set Limousine ...

What is the left going to do next? Who is funding them? The left must reconcile and come to terms with reality, ultimately ending the exploit of mille...

Published 3 days ago • Views: 675

by News Heist
Interview With Owen Shroyer From Infowars At The  Deploraball 04:45

Interview With Owen Shroyer Fr...

Last night the NewsHeist crew met Info Wars' Reporter Owen Shroyer at the Maga 3X Deploraball held at the National Press Club in Washington DC. JOIN T...

Published 3 days ago • Views: 1,564

by News Heist
Hispanic Trump Supporter Beaten Up By Anti-Trump Protestors  at Deploraball 04:47

Hispanic Trump Supporter Beate...

As this Hispanic Trump Supporter was leaving the premises of the deploraball he started talking to some of the protestors and they started beating him...

Published 3 days ago • Views: 43,895

by News Heist
Liberal Protestors Throw Eggs At Sean Hannity & Geraldo Rivera 00:41

Liberal Protestors Throw Eggs ...

'Tolerant' and 'Peaceful' Liberals strike again... Liberals try to hit Sean Hannity with Eggs after he goes outside following the Hero's Ball at DC (1...

Published 3 days ago • Views: 2,478

by News Heist
Tucker Carlson Destroys Democrat Boycotting Trump Inauguration 09:10

Tucker Carlson Destroys Democr...

Can't Cuck The Tuck See more

Published 4 days ago • Views: 511

by News Heist
Marc Lamont Hill Calls Panelist 02:30

Marc Lamont Hill Calls Panelis...

OUT OUT OUT! Do not worry folks, Fake News CNN will soon have no ratings... See more on

Published 6 days ago • Views: 261

by News Heist
Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Race Baiting Liberal Jehmu Greene 13:23

Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Race B...

See more on:

Published 6 days ago • Views: 592

by News Heist
Bill Burr: I 06:12

Bill Burr: I'm Sick of Michell...

See More on

Published 1 week ago • Views: 35,654

by News Heist
Nigel Farage: Trump Will Be a Great President 07:55

Nigel Farage: Trump Will Be a ...

Can't Barrage The Farage, Folks! See more controversy, politics, and breaking news on:

Published 1 week ago • Views: 165

by News Heist
Meghan McCain: ObamaCare Bankrupting Millennials 01:22

Meghan McCain: ObamaCare Bankr...

See More On:

Published 1 week ago • Views: 82

by News Heist
Piers Morgan: Trump Incredibly Powerful,  Doesn 06:49

Piers Morgan: Trump Incredibly...

See more on:

Published 1 week ago • Views: 346

by News Heist
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